About Westerado

Westerado ain't just a game, it's a game about gettin' revenge on those that do ya wrong, helpin' those in need, and gettin' jackasses to pay you some heed by pullin' your gun out in conversation.
It's a game about explorin' the west, chasin' buffalo, shootin' bandits, and protectin' carriages.
It's a game about the Wild West, in fact it may even be a game about movies about the Wild West. Inspired by the likes of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Will Smith, this game's got movies runnin' in its veins.

What sets Westerado apart though, is that it's got all kinds of different stories to play through, and it's up to YOU to decide which ones you're gonna follow.
Are you gonna run with the bandits, robbing and shooting your way through every situation? Side with the Indians and get them back their rightful land? Or maybe you just wanna spend all your money on the girls at the Haberdashery?

Well, whichever movie you wanna make, that's up to you, have fun cowboy!


  • Ride, shoot, and threaten your way through an expansive West, with a new sight around every ridge.

  • The grittiest pixels this side of Montezuma, sizzling in the hot desert sun!

  • A full western soundtrack, featuring live recorded banjos, trumpets, salloon pianos and more!

  • Featuring Gun-versations, because there ain't nothin' more western than pullin' out a gun in conversation.

  • You can't be everyone's friend in the West, so you're gonna have to come back multiple times to help all citizens of Westerado.